Acorn Studio Bags

Vintage style handcrafted bags! All purses are made by hand by me, often using antique wooden handles, buttons and antique fabric from my over thirty year collection. Each bag comes with a unique accessory, such as a matching scissor holder or notions bag. Each bag is one of a kind. The bags are suited for knitting but you are limited only by your imagination as to their use.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Marcasite Collection. Includes marcasite embellishments, Swarovski crystal and celluloid leaves.  Posted by Hello

Tiffany Collection. Inspired by the jewel-like colors and shimmer of Tiffany windows. Materials include Swarovski crystals.  Posted by Hello

Celtic collection. 18 karat gf, silver, swarovski, serpentine. Posted by Hello

Victorian Amulet Purses. Materials include, marcasite, Swarovski crystal, coral, bakelite. Posted by Hello

William Morris Collection. Swarovski crystals and amber.  Posted by Hello

Victorian Amulet Purses with Bridal Collection. Embellishments include bakelite, marcasite, shell, bone, pearl, silver.  Posted by Hello

English Collection. Colors inspired by Victorian tiles. Semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal.  Posted by Hello

Southwestern Collection. Materials include turquoise, silver, naturally shed claws and teeth, semi-precious stones and minerals.  Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

A note on color...

Colors are much more saturated and richer than the photos reflect.

Acorn Studio Rose Bag. Size is 17L x 21W. Posted by Hello

Acorn Studio Rose Bag and Pouch. Pouch is 6L x 8W Posted by Hello

Acorn Studio Green Rose Bag. Size is 15L x 15W.  Posted by Hello

Acorn Studio Dragonfly Bag

Sage green Acorn Studio Dragonfly Bag. Size is 19L x 13W. Posted by Hello
100% Linen with hand-embroidered Arts and Crafts era design. Other designs available: Arts and Crafts rose, acorn, or tulip.

Acorn Studio Bamboo Leaves Bag. Size is 16L x 19W. Posted by Hello

Acorn Studio Bag Interior. Scissor holder is 3L x 3W.  Posted by Hello

Acorn Studio Pink Rose Bag. Size 14L x 16W.  Posted by Hello